Traditional Land and Water Therapy


My doctor told me that water therapy allowed for more rapid recovery from my recent back surgery. They suggested Pacific Water Therapy as they had a heated pool in there facility. I was surprised with the level of skill and how large the pools were. They really pushed me to my physical limits but in just a few sessions I begin to feel less pain and my strength was returning quicker then expected. The level of skill and friendly atmosphere of there staff really made it fun to return each week I even added a gym membership after my treatment at the Gym facility to keep up my conditioning for the future.

Mark G, Age 61

Recently I was involved in a car accident, the pain in my side was so bad that I seldom sleep more then a few hours a night. I had been to several doctors before one suggested a small clinic in Point Loma called Pacific Water Therapy. I called and was scheduled the following day for a consultation And a evaluation of my pain. They explained what they felt would help Reduce the pain and we used a combination of exercises and stimulation effects To easy my pain so that I could begin sleeping again. We also used the heated Pool to relax me during some of the therapy techniques. The best thing I learned Was they gave me exercises to do at home allowing me to relax the muscles prior To going to sleep that now is a nightly solution to allow me to sleep again. This Is a highly skilled clinic with some of the best therapist I have experienced since my accident.

Sussie K, Age 38

I wanted to say thank you PWT for the extra effort and special attention you provided me these last few weeks. I was in so much pain after my surgery that I expected months of recovery would be required to get back to work. Your support and encouragement during every visit was more then expected, thank you all for taking such an interest in healing my shoulder. This is one of the best secrets in town for therapy, a small clinic with access to the best gym in town. They used deep tissue message and a variety of solutions to allow me to get my strength back and it was less painful then I had expected. My doctor told me they were one of the best in town for my type of condition, he was right.

Tom E, Age 38

I was referred to Pacific Water Therapy for a neck injury that I had from a recent accident. They were quick handle the approval of benefits from my insurance provider. They did detailed evaluation and seemed to know right away what might cure my pain. We started treatments using a variety of techniques that help stretch the muscles in my neck. They really seemed to care about how to cure my pain and were always keeping me informed on why the pain was was occurring. I really feel this staff knows the body and how to create a treatment that Works. I have less pain then I have had for years and wanted to thank All of your efforts in taking so much interest in my needs and recovery.

Carol M, Age 45